Pain will guide you,
Favoring a new direction,
You fought so hard against.
A destination,
You willed yourself never to learn.
A journey,
You refused to step even one toe.
An epoch,
You consistently denied precedence.

And behold, it does exist.
Despite your feverish efforts.
It leads you, nudges you,
Begs you to listen,

Yet it's faint, blurry musical symphonies,
Are too beautiful to deafen.
It's soft, graceful cry
will drown out the shouts
and shadows of those unworthy.
You will mute those, whose worlds and words,
Bring you nothing.

The pain will be real.
And it will scare you.
It will be frightening, the short piercing screams.
It's striking vigor will challenge every synapse in your brain. 
And slowly, your eyes will begin to clear.

Guided by its pure, barbaric power, this pain will transcend
All nothingness into existence.

You will listen.
You will fight hard to translate it's message.
Tide after tide, opus after opus,
You will find yourself ready.
Your heart will open,
In that one place...
A place you welded shut
Many lifetimes before you existed.

Photo by @sirneave

Photo by @sirneave