An unexpected, intimate experience, pain.
It changes you...
And part of you welcomes this, change.

It drives you to an inter-dimension,
One your body secretly craved all along...
One your body secretly invited.
Within this blanket of deep agony,
your soul secretly cried out for this...
This, metamorphosis.
This pain, the only avenue...
Your, one and only, lonely road...
Into you, into your blood, into those bones you thought made of steel.
They are not steel.
You are not steel.
And this pain reminds you...
You are human, flesh, bones, blood and tears.
Because pain can change you,
Pain will change you

Pain is an aloof gift of reason.
A sudden jolt of mindful interference....
A lightening bolt of respect,
For you, for your body, for your mind
For those who walk with you.

Four letters unrivaled
Four letters, so simple,
So complex, so manipulating.
You crave just one tiny second of relief,
But, you must wait.
Patience and time are all you have.
And you must wait.  And listen.
And respect what is being taught.
Be open to what is to be heard.
Breathe with grace for what is to be felt.

Pain comes to those who don't expect it,
This curse of change come to those who secretly craved it.
Those who understand it's magic welcome it...
This mystery, only their own mind's labyrinth may solve.
Broken hearts, broken bones, muscles torn, nerves stretched, torn and twisted...

Pain changes you.
Welcome it with every gasp, breath and tear.
For you will be changed.

Pain changes only those who can survive it's glory.

It's purpose, a key to great magic.