she dared

to be bold, she dared.
despite the season or the year, she dared to face each unpredictable storm.
she dared to remain still, amongst the loud boisterous room,
full of onlookers, dressed in muted, restrained sentiments.
she stood out, heroic, her presence, unfamiliar.

only the most honest understood,
they would smile back in admiration and adoration,
although not many could, and many questioned this,
her curious existence.

she dared to smile and laugh through it all,
through women’s doubtful stares, their suspicious, snake-like eyes,
the men, drooling, their carnal desire, purely instinctual.
she dared to see through them, forgive their inherent needs,
uncontrollable and raw.
fight or flight,
she could see their weapons and wings.
her skin, too exquisite to penetrate.

their sheer mammalian passion only amused her memory.
so she kept smiling, for herself,
projecting her personal, unbreakable force.
she smiled for them, for the women, for the men,
for their fragile, human hearts they could, one day resolve,
but only within themselves, for themselves, of themselves.
a daring attempt for the truly, brave.

she wore her red dress like it was any other cloth or clothing,
smiling for her bold, daring, warrior Self.
like the heroic woman she had become,
her smile revealed her transformation,
this knightly confidence of armor,
it’s luminescence, captivating, almost blinding,
such courage can never be bought or sold.
such depth radiates waves length beyond scientific fact.
such elegance develops only after years of storms,
rain, flooding, drought, famine and
raw, internal, human despair.

holding her metaphorical staff in strength and resilience,
for all humans, pure and fragile, she gently smiled,
her bold, daring dress exuding a keen yet gentle humility,
only grace could follow her.

her exterior was only the beginning,
her existence, a valiant skill of redemption.