Recycled gold and silver processes are always utilized throughout production. Ashley Childs uses specific refineries who are environmentally friendly and uses the latest-updated recycling processes for refining precious metals. The casting a refining companies are constantly updating their methods; focusing on better, safer, greener processes. As a metalsmith, Ashley keeps her bench & materials carefully organized and during the fabrication process, many pieces of scrap-gold and/or silver can be melted and reused. 

Metals & Mediums

14kt Gold - most widely used, great for everyday

18kt Gold - softer than 14kt but brighter in its yellow luster

22kt Gold - softest of wearable gold jewelry and commonly used in Indian jewelry

Sterling Silver - commonly used in all jewelry, durable

White Rhodium Vermeil - keeps pieces tarnish-free and used on all Ashley Childs sterling silver, leaves a beautiful shine

14kt Yellow Gold Vermeil - gives the illusion of solid gold piece without the high price of solid gold, great in keeping sterling silver tarnish-free


Mesh designs are made from sustainable, upcycled, vintage accessories acquired through auctions houses, antique stores or estate sales. The mesh acquired is solid sterling silver or 14kt, 18kt solid gold. The mesh goes through a rigorous process of cleaning and repair depending on the state of the mesh.  During the design process some of the mesh does go through a professional, white rhodium or gold vermeil process for tarnish resistant purposes.

Pearls, Gemstones & Diamonds

Cultured, fresh water pearls and Japanese Akoya Keshi Pearls are obtained from high-quality dealers, confirmed for their economically-friendly sources and involvement in ocean-friendly and fair-labor practices. Gemstones and diamonds are obtained from sources who are active in the fair-trade industry.


All jewelry is designed and created by Ashley Childs.  The casting, plating/vermeil and gemstones setting processes are handled by professional gemstone setters, green-friendly casters and platers in California.  Designs are protected. All designs © 2004-2017 ASHLEY CHILDS®, § 1301. ASHLEY CHILDS® is a registered trademark.